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  • .MD - €33.34
  • .SRL - €5.24
  • .EU - €10.24
  • .COM - €10.97
  • .RU - €5.54

Unlimited ECO

  • Number of website that you can host on this hosting plan 1 website
  • The total number of databases that can be stored on the server. 5 MySQL Data base
  • Unlimited space for images, documents, email messages. Unlimited disk space
  • Back up of web site documents and files to prevent data loss. Weekly backup
  • Number of files and directories assigned to the account. 150,000 Inode limit
from €4.17 /month


  • Processor - responds to the speed of information processing. 1 vCore
  • RAM is the "workspace" of the processor. 1GB vRAM
  • Disk space is the amount of information that can be posted on the site. It consists of the space occupied by images, videos, databases, emails. 20GB disk space
from €5.00 /month


  • Processor - responds to the speed of information processing. 4 Core
  • RAM is the "workspace" of the processo 8 GB RAM
from €50.00 /month

If you are just starting a business or are in full activity, we think you have a list of priorities developing your own site.
A site means communicating with your recipients and it is your business card, to which you work for a long time ... so what transforms the site into a source of trust and responsibility? How can we help you go be online ?
IP HOST is the perfect ally for maintaining the safety, security and quality of your site in the online environment, encouraging your customers confidence.
We represent a platform that is easy to access, use and manager.

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