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Buy cPanel licence to simplify the process of hosting a website, cPanel is a web hosting panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools.

cPanel licenses can be used only with VPS and dedicated servers hosted at IP HOS Data Center

cPanel Dedicated licence

  • Licence is paid every month cPanel & WHM Dedicated
€32.00 month

cPanel Dedicated licence, 1 year

  • cPanel & WHM Dedicated license for one year
€280.00 year

cPanel Dedicated licence, 2 Years

  • cPanel & WHM Dedicated license for two years
€480.00 two years
most sold

cPanel VPS licence

  • Licence is paid monthly cPanel & WHM VPS licence
€13.00 month

cPanel VPS licence, 1 Year

  • cPanel & WHM VPS licence for one year
€125.00 year

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Advantages to Buy cPanel licence


cPanel license installation requirements

Before you buy cPanel license make sure you meet the following requirements Linux System 512 MB RAM 20GB Disk space


Our main advantages

Easy installation and setup

cPanel is very easy to install. It only needs the Linux system requirement of a minimum of 20 GB available disk space, and at least 512 MB of RAM. Many of today’s computers will be able to meet such requirements. Once installed, cPanel won’t also pose problems to its users as far as handling or use is concerned thanks to its very intuitive graphical interface. Moreover, users can manage complex tasks with just a few clicks. These tasks can range from site maintenance, calculating disk space, searching for web directories, to making regular backups. Because cPanel is very easy to use, hosting providers, small and medium firms will be able to save on labor expenses as they don’t need to hire expert system administrators. They can also minimize system administrator workload. Upstart website owners, on the other hand, can focus their energy to running their enterprises instead of minding their daily website operations.

Access to numerous features

Publish a website

Buy cPanel licence and give the possibility to your clients to choose from most popular site builders and create their website or give them resources to build and manage their own website from the ground up.


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