Hosting in Europe

Server Colocation

Colocation means that you will be able to take maximum advantage of high-level internet bandwidth, connection to 3 ISP, 2 power supplies and a diesel generator. In other words; it ensures that your information is delivered to the Internet quickly and reliably.


  • Hardware Type
  • Units
  • Max Dim LxHxD
  • Network Port
  • Traffic
  • DDoS Protection
  • Remote Reset
  • KVM over IP
  • Remote Hands
  • IP's
  • Ports
  • Location
  • Monthly
  • Yearly (-10%)


  • Rackmount
  • 1U
  • -
  • Up to 100 Mbps
  • Unmetered
  • Up to 500 Gbps
  • Free (if supported by hardware)
  • Free (if supported by hardware)
  • €20 per hour
  • 1 IP
  • 1 Port, each additional €4
  • Chisinau, Moldova
  • €40.00
  • €430.00


  • Pedestal
  • -
  • 20cm x 50cm x 50cm
  • Up to 100 Mbps
  • Unmetered
  • Up to 500 Gbps
  • Free (if supported by hardware)
  • Free (if supported by hardware)
  • €20 per hour
  • 1 IP
  • 1 Port, each additional €4
  • Chisinau, Moldova
  • €45.00
  • €485.00

Each additional unit is €10/month

Additional IP address €2/month

Switch Colocation €5/month

Colocation in Moldova

You have your own Server Hardware and want to take the advantage to host it for a low price in a Data Center?

Our colocation service in Moldova i highly flexible and can meet your specific needs. We can provide any configuration for your specific needs: Full rack, partial rack for all your Servers, switches, routers and even even if you need IP transit servce or you have your own AS or IP Network. We provide a wide range that can be usefull for colocation of your equipment in IPHOST Data Center including private VLans, cross connects, specific runs and a scalable level of management and support.

The operating enviroment of the Data Center has the following conditions:

- 100 sqm fully equipped that can be extended to 700 sqm

- Dedicated 200 KW Power supply from two spearated power stations

- Resilient N+1 UPS power protection

- Diesel generator protection

- N+1 AC Cooling device

- Fire detection system

- Card keys and fingerprint authentication

- Video Monitoring

What is Colocation?

Colocation allows you to place your server machine in someone else's rack and share their bandwidth as your own. It generally costs more than standard Web hosting, but less than a comparable amount of bandwidth into your place of business. Once you have a machine set up, you take it physically to the location of the colocation provider and install it in their rack or you rent a server machine from the colocation provider. That company then provides an IP, bandwidth, and power to your server. Once it's up and running, you access it much like you would access a Website on a hosting provider. The difference being that you own the hardware.

Advantages of Colocation

1. The biggest advantage of colocation is the cost for bandwidth. For example, a low cost limited bandwidth business grade DSL line generally costs around $150 to $200, but for the same price or less a single server can be placed in a colocation facility that provides higher bandwidth speeds and better redundancy for the network connections. These savings can be even greater if the only dedicated network access is a more expensive full or fractional T1 lines. 2. Colocation facilities have better outage protection. During a long ice-storm last year, my office was without power for three days. While we have a backup generator, it wasn't powerful enough to keep the server running that entire time, so our Web sites were down during that outage. At a colocation provider, we are paying for power generators and backup power to protect against that type of situation. 3. You own the server machinery. If we decide that the machine is too slow or doesn't have enough memory, we can simply upgrade the server. We don't have to wait for our provider to get around to upgrading it. 4. You own the server software. I don't have to rely on my hosting provider to install the software or tools I want to use. I simply do it myself. If I decide to use ASP or ColdFusion or ASP, I just purchase and install the software. 5. If you move your office, you can leave the server up and running the entire time. When we host our own domains we have to either pay for two lines for some time, to move the domains to the new location or deal with outages while the servers are moved to the new location. 6. Colocation providers provide additional security for your machines. Your server is stored and maintained in a secured environment.


The Innova Hosting Data Center is located in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Connectivity and Network Capacity

Multiple diverse and redundant optical fibre entry points.
Cost effective IP transit available.
Cost effective Layer2 Ethernet circuits.
Direct peering relationships with national ISP's:
(StarNet, Orange Moldova, Moldtelecom).

Guaranteed Power

Resilient N+1 UPS power protection.
Multiple layers of guaranteed and tested power redundancy.
Fully automatic diesel power generation.
7 days fuel storage on-site with refuelling SLA from two separate depots.
Full mains failure simulated in monthly test.


Renundant Climate Control.
Fire prevention systems.
Video Surveillance and Fingerprint access.

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Much better than my previous company, I also got help with software installation. VPS in Moldova is a good solution