Server data backup

Secure your valuable information with regular backups of your server data. Protect against data loss, ensure business continuity, and improve data management. Trust in a reliable backup solution for peace of mind.

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What are the main advantages to backup server data?

  • Data protection: Regular backups protect against data loss due to hardware failures, software bugs, human error, or natural disasters.
  • Business continuity: Backups help ensure that the business can continue operations even in the event of a disaster or data loss.
  • Compliance: Many industries have regulations that require organizations to keep copies of sensitive information, such as financial or medical data.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that data is backed up regularly provides peace of mind and reduces stress for IT teams and business owners.
  • Cost savings: Backing up data is less expensive than having to recreate lost data or pay for data recovery services.
  • Ease of recovery: Backups make it easier to recover from data loss and reduce the time and effort required to restore operations.
  • Scalability: As businesses grow, their data needs grow too, and regular backups help ensure that this growth can be supported.
  • Improved data management: Regular backups help improve data management and reduce the risk of data corruption or loss.

Backup 500GB

  • 500GB disk space
$12.93 month
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Backup 1TB

  • 1TB disk space
$23.71 month
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Backup 2TB

  • 2TB disk space
$43.10 month
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Backup 3TB

  • 3TB disk space
$56.04 month
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Backup 5TB

  • 5TB disk space
$80.82 month
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