DID number from Moldova

You can use DID number from Moldova to make calls and receive call within Moldova

Phone number rates

Service Monthly price
Phone number rate 1,79 $


Available phone numbers

Prices are listed without VAT

Fast support 24/7
99.9% Server Uptime
Daily backups, available for 60 days
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Additional information

  • 30 concurrent calls
  • Monthly consumption report
  • CLIP (calling id presence)
  • CLIR (caller id restriction)

International calls

  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Italy
  • USA / Canada

  • FAQ's

    Find answers to some frequently asked questions

    How to know if phone number is ported ?

    You have to open website portare.md and type phone number, without zero at the beginning.

    Can I keep the number from another operator?

    In order to use our services, you need to wire the number to our network.

    How many simultaneous calls can we make ?

    All subscriptions plans include 30 lines for incoming and outgoing calls.
    The number of lines can be increased with an extra payment.

    How long does the porting procedure last?

    Number porting starts from day when customer sign required papers. This procedure finish in 5 working days.

    How to connect to a phone number?

    The connection to the system takes place via the public Internet, using the SIP protocol. It is not necessary to wire the analog or fiber optic cables to the office.

    Restrictions of number portability

    • It is not possible to port the number as a person, in case the number is bought by the legal entity
      It is not possible to port the number if the customer has debts to the current telephone operator

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