Number porting

Description of the number porting Moldova process to local operators


In noi au incredere

1.Select the supplier with whom you are already ready to collaborate.
2. Visit the office of representatives to file a request for porting the number to the given company.
When you make the request, be careful, if the data does not match, the request is rejected.

NOTE: Porting is only for a legal entity that carries out entrepreneurial activities.

3. If you do your porting from the name of someone, you need the identity document of the person concerned.
4. After the application is submitted, the porting process takes 5 working days.
5. If you have decided to withdraw the porting request of your phone number, you can do so by completing the request for porting cancellation that you can obtain from the provider to whom you submitted the porting request. This application must be submitted no later than 24 hours before the date you set up with your provider for porting.

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