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The choice is obvious only when 100% results are assured. Did you know that the Internet Business will increase your productivity and speed up your tasks? Special offer for those who appreciate their time and resources - high-speed Internet for Online Business, with speed up to 1 gigabyte and unlimited Internet traffic for businesses.

And if you are still motivated, in the table below you will find the most suitable router and Internet Business for your office.



Internet Business 50 E                      


Internet Business 100 E                        


Internet Business 300 E                          


Internet Business 500 E                          


Internet Business 1000E                       


  •  50 Mbps Internet
  •  100 Mbps MD-IX
  •  Unlimited traffic
  •  No connection fee
  •  1Gbps Media Converter



  •  100 Mbps Internet
  •  100 Mbps MD-IX
  •  Unlimited traffic
  •  No connection fee
  •  WiFi Router



  •  300 Mbps Internet
  •  500 Mbps MD-IX
  •  Unlimited traffic
  •  No connection fee
  •  Router WiFi



  •  500 Mbps Internet
  •  1000 Mbps MD-IX
  •  Unlimited traffic
  •  No connection fee
  •  Router WiFi



  •  500 Mbps Internet
  •  1000 Mbps MD-IX
  •  Unlimited traffic
  •  No connection fee
  •  Router WiFi



300MDL month



400MDL month



800MDL month



1100MDL month



2100MDL month


Prices are listed without VAT
Minimum contract term 24 months

Fast support 24/7
99.9% Server Uptime
Daily backups, available for 60 days
Fast Wordpress hosting


  • Internet speed up to 1Gbps, Up/Down
  • Unlimited traffic
  • No connection fee
  • 1 static ip address (order more if you need)

Connection conditions

1) The connection is made through fiber optic within up to 5 days from the date of signing the contract
2) The operator offers to the customer in custody optical signal converter to electrical signal (RJ45)
3) The operator does not offer free router
4) The client is responsible for configuring the internal network and configuring the computers


Find answers to some frequently asked questions

Can I connect the fiber to my own equipment?

It is not possible to connect fiber optics directly to your device because the frequency of the fiber optic laser may be different from that supported by your device.

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