Партнёрская программа
Вместе к успеху!

Цель партнерской программы - создать взаимовыгодные отношения. Она разработана для достижения взаимных выгод в духе сотрудничества и взаимодействия.

<span>Партнёрская программа</span> <br> Вместе к успеху!


The partner can see the collected commission and the referred clients in the personal account, the commission is blocked for a period of 30 days. The amount is blocked because the customer has the right to request money back within 30 days if he is not satisfied with the service. The partner can request the transfer of the collected amount when it is greater than 50 Euro. If the customer is offered a discount on the purchased service, the partner is not eligible to receive commission from the respective service. To become an affiliate partner, contact the sales department by email or chat. The partner is obliged to recommend at least two clients annually to maintain the status of an active partner.

Service You receive affiliate commission
Web Hosting
(Except ECO packages)
10% from each transaction
0% ECO packages
Web Reseller 10% for each transaction
Domenii web 0%
VPS Linux 7% for each transaction
VPS Windows 7% for each transaction
Dedicated servers 5% for each transaction
Virtual PBX 7% for each transaction
Landline numbers and voice 0%

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