Server Management Subscription

Hourly server management

This is the perfect solution for customers that manage their servers by themselves, but sometime you may stuck in an apparently unsolvable problem, this where you need hourly server management. Our enginiers can solve this for you.

What can we solve for you?

Upgrade the software on your server.
Software instalation and configuration.
Fixing problems with hosting control panel.
Testing server hardware and running stress tests.
Checking security level of your server and increase security level.

How much our servies cost?

The price for Hourly server management is 50$ per hour exclude VAT. Hours are billed in 15 minutes increments.

Subscription Plan

If you are not going to manage your own server you can choose one of the Server management service subscritpion.

The initial setup will cost you 50Euro for the first setup regardless of the plan you choose. For the initial setup cost we will analyse your server and will install the monitoring software.

Basic Subscription

Server Management

  • 3 hours per month
€120.00 month
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most sold

Advanced Subscription

Server management

  • 6 hours per month 6 hours per month
€210.00 month
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Extended Subscription

Server management

  • 10 hours per month
€300.00 month
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Fast support 24/7
99.9% Server Uptime
Daily backups, available for 60 days
Fast Wordpress hosting

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